Научная работа



IThe problems of youth employment existed long ago and especially important this problem has become now. However physical need to "learn more", to increase your knowledges or to learn something new remains and is constantly growing. Often a schoolboy or a student, who is interested in subject which has to study by himself. The purpose of creation student scientific society (SSS) was in association of students and schoolboys in groups for cooperative work for solution of the following problems: 1) for development of business cooperation skills, by discussing and organizing of scientific projects; 2) for development of skills of composing scientific work; 3) for acquisition in research of work skills.
At present moment the occupations are conducted in three directions: internet-technologies, databases and computer architectures. These directions cover the main areas of informatics and are ready to provide basic requirements of students and schoolboys. Education in SSS is conducted in two stages: 1-year. The seminars and practical studies.2-year. The tutorial consultations and work on scientific project.
The development of SSS on informatics expects the close cooperation between Voronezh State Technological Academy (Department of applied mathematics and economy mathematical methods) and Voronezh State Pedagogical University. The main target are schoolchildren of 10-11 forms and students. Such cooperation allows to redistribute the subjects, auditoriums and teaching funds. In future it is planned to draw in our work others institutes and schools of Voronezh.